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Nikky Lyle is a Creative Recruiter with conscience and 10 years recruitment experience. She is Vice President of Hope for Post Quarantine, a TEDx 2021 Speaker and was on The Dots list of 100+ rising stars. She was D&AD President Judge 2020.

Nikky Lyle Creative was created with a clear vision in mind. To work in a better, more diverse, and more equal creative industry. With a dedication to helping clients and under-represented groups navigate an industry that can sometimes be tough, to make sure the best talent finds a home where they can thrive.

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The Creative industry can be a challenge to navigate.

But with the right guidance,
opportunities can be endless.

People talk about sacrifice and drive,
but we believe in helping people.

In real life. Face to face.

When creative talent shines, we will hold it up.

When businesses do right by their people, weโ€™ll bring them the best of the bunch.

The Creative industry can be a challenge to navigate,
but it doesnโ€™t have to be that way.

We are Nikky Lyle Creative.
Creative Recruitment with conscience.


My INDUSTRY LEADERS resources include the Fool-Proof Guides โ€“ created by creatives, for creatives.