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Recruitment without recruiters
Learn how to hire the best candidates, and keep them

Expert advice, straight off-the-bat

Looking to hire, but don’t know where to start? We can guide you through the entire creative recruitment process. But as you won’t be engaging a recruiter on the job, there’ll be no hefty recruitment finder’s fee. Sounds good?

A session with Nikky Lye Creative will cover absolutely everything you need to know to avoid the many pitfuls of hiring. Because there’s nothing more valuable than a good hire, but nothing more expensive than a bad hire. 

Book a session and expect a deep dive into anything and everything you’ll need to cover.

From writing engaging job descriptions that attract high-quality candidates – to salary offers and the benefits worth having. All the way down to employment contract advice, working hours and keeping your new recruits happy and engaged with your business!

No long-term commitments, no commissions, just friendly, practical advice.

What to expect

Nailing the fine art to quality hiring

We offer expert advice on how you can deliver the best candidate experience.

Candidate expectations

Let's talk compensation, perks, flexibility, creative style, expectations and development.

Pitching your creative role

We'll show you how to craft enticing job descriptions that sell your opportunity to those dream candidates.

Strategic recruitment process

Together we can design a process that'll help you assess candidates' skills, experience and suitability for your studio.

Why Nikky?

Adapting recruiting with conscience for your business

The recruitment process a company uses is essential. It’s one of the main things candidates talk about in the industry. It’s also important for building brand trust. 

Nikky Lyle Creative can guide you through the entire process to make sure you give candidates a positive experience with your brand.

If you build a favourable brand with candidates, you won’t need to spend so much on your recruitment strategy.

Why? Because talented people will be getting in touch all the time, wanting to work for YOUR business. This means you’ll have a fantastic pipeline of great people to choose from. 

In the press

A cost-effective solution

How much does consulting cost?

for your studio

A one-hour consultation costs £150 plus VAT

Before the first session, we’ll send over some questions, so we can carry out research on your business and deliver an engaging and practical session.  

Nikky is, without doubt, the most Human and Creative recruiter I had the pleasure to meet this year. Her fantastic ideas, understanding of the economical situation and HARD WORK, combined with her incredible agency expertise makes her undoubtedly an absolute asset for anyone willing to go further and beyond! I had the opportunity to join her on one of her brilliant side hustle called The Good Gang, which completely represents her : A group showcasing the best ideas, projects and agencies created to promote the Greater Good.
Sophie Riano
I honestly cannot recommend Nikky enough. Working with Nikky has been the most positive experience I have throughout my creative job hunt. Nikky is incredibly personable and easy to talk to, I felt reassured, positive and motivated after every one of our conversations. I will 100% recommend Nikky to anyone I know who is looking for a new role within the creative industry. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner on my job hunt! Thank you so much again for everything.
Warren Curry
Nikky was a lifesaver at a time where the world felt uncertain. She made time to get to know me as a person and was able to place me in a position where I not only love the work but get along with the team as well. She's kept in touch to make sure I'm still okay which is something that's always appreciated in a recruiter!
Kendra Biller
I know Nikky as a recruiter but also Nikky as an enthusiastic business owner. In fact, I had the pleasure of being in a small Nikky Lyle team and she also got me job that allowed me to use my skillset and have great colleagues. As a recruiter, she was fast, honest and, most importantly, really supporting during the whole process. As a business owner, she was - and is! - full of ideas and new ways of helping her audience. I was supporting her with designing social media content within a small team and I loved the Industry Leaders series. It was novel and fresh, especially during the turbulent and hard time that was 2020.
Isabella Bubola
Nikky runs a brilliant operation, and is an absolutely fantastic recruiter. Each and every candidate she's picked out for my design hires have been incredible. Would highly recommend to any business owner.
Jack Howell
I've just started working with Nikky in recent months on a few hard-to-fill vacancies. Nikky and her team have been super efficient in quickly presenting candidates that match our requirements and taking on board our feedback to refine their search! They have been an absolute pleasure and provide 5 star service, which sadly is few and far between in recent years. Thank you Nikky and team for being so fantastic, I look forward to continuing working with you!
Adriano Capocci

Don't take our word for it...

Some of the kind things candidates and clients have said about working with us. 

What's the consulting process?

Our recruitment consulting service is straightforward and faff-free. 

Follow these 6 easy steps.

Get in touch

Whizz through an email to enquire about our consultation services.

Fill-in your details

Well get back in touch ASAP with a simple form to fill-in.

Get it booked!

Pick a time thats good for you and pay upfront on Calendly to secure your place.

We'll talk

During our 1-2-1 session we'll give tailored advice specific to your personal recruitment needs.

Post jobs for free

All clients have the opportunity to post 3 vacancies on our Graphic Design Jobs site – for free!

Need a follow up?

Book us as many times as you need for ongoing recruiting advice.

Would you like advice on recruiting with conscience? We would love to help!


Want to know more? This should help.

I’m an ex creative and my entire network is full of creatives.

I have over a decades worth of recruitment experience, especially within graphic design and creative roles.

I’ve always had a passion for graphic design but when choosing a degree I ended up doing for photography.

I studied at Falmouth University where I found myself launching loads of side hustles.

After Uni I fell into the wonderful world of creative recruitment, and I’ve never looked back!

Collaborative- we work together to find you the best talent to suit your requirements.