Industry Leaders
With Nikky Lyle

Bill Brock, Founder at Analog Folk

Digital & tech
Episode #
1 March 2023
55 minutes

Passionate about delivering cutting-edge creativity, Bill has spent the past few years spearheading the expansion of both AnalogFolk’s service offering and global footprint Join this talks to hear Bill talk all about the early days looked like at Analog Folk, winning Global Digital Innovation of the Year 2020 and his philosophy behind not hiring assholes.

The Creative industry can be a challenge to navigate—but with the right guidance, the opportunities can be endless.

The Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle podcast features interviews with (you guessed it) Industry Leaders! Creative Directors, Founders, Agents and Artists—anyone who is paving the way in their field.

About the guests
Max Ottignon
Ragged Edge

Co-founder of Ragged Edge, a branding agency for changemakers.

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