Industry Leaders
With Nikky Lyle

Jon Cockley, Founder at Handsome Frank

Illustration & Print
Episode #
1 March 2023
54 minutes

Jon tells Nikky how they came up with the idea and the name, and how the early days looked like for the illustration agency.

Find out all about what Handsome Frank look for when taking on an illustrator, how to catch Jons eye when he is looking for talent and also the big question. Is it actually worth while for an illustrator to have an agent?

The Creative industry can be a challenge to navigate—but with the right guidance, the opportunities can be endless.

The Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle podcast features interviews with (you guessed it) Industry Leaders! Creative Directors, Founders, Agents and Artists—anyone who is paving the way in their field.

About the guests
Jon Cockley
Handsome Frank

After founding the UK-based illustration agency Handsome Frank back in 2010, Jon now represents some of the world’s leading illustrators + image-makers.

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