Industry Leaders
With Nikky Lyle

Lars Hemming Jorgensen, Creative Entrepreneur

Episode #
1 March 2023
60 minutes

Prior to joining VICE in 2013, Lars held global leadership roles at top agencies, including Chief Creative Officer & Partner at Story Worldwide and Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director at Large Design.

He has also held high-profile programs for the likes of Etrade, Clinique, LEGO, Agent Provocateur and Canon. He also has 20 years experience working with D&AD’s Impact Council, winning a pencil in 2005, through to being a founding partner of D&AD Shift US.

In this episode, they discuss Lars’ incredible journey from setting up a successful agency with a friend straight out of uni.
Through to the creative industry, the importance of applying an entrepreneurial spirit to navigate through an uncertain market and the Shift programme he created with D&AD.

The Creative industry can be a challenge to navigate—but with the right guidance, the opportunities can be endless.

The Industry Leaders with Nikky Lyle podcast features interviews with (you guessed it) Industry Leaders! Creative Directors, Founders, Agents and Artists—anyone who is paving the way in their field.

About the guests
Lars Hemming Jorgensen
Creative Entrepreneur

Lars is an International serial entrepreneur. He launched a successful business straight out of university, which helped him carve a fascinating career in the creative industry.

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